Crystal Healing GridAs Healers, we operate within a sphere of heart centeredness, trust, and compassion and yet, it is important to have a discerning eye and a solid foundation of facts when looking for schools, mentors, and learning programs.

Groups such as the American Medical Association, accounts of corruption notwithstanding, serve the purpose of keeping the practice of medicine in the United States at a high standard.  Without getting into the controversial subject of whether they are accomplishing that goal, the spirit of this and other organizations is a positive one.  It is important that our medical doctors be held accountable to a certain level of ethics, knowledge, and skill.

In the world of energy healing and spirituality, there is no such unified governing organization that accredits schools or sets binding standards of education and practice.  This is natural due to the ethereal, non-physical, and extremely intimate nature of the practice.  We may find individual organizations that claim accreditation or any other form of recognition or standardization and their intentions may be positive but the reality remains that nature of healing and spirituality is one that simply cannot be contained by rules and institutions.

Accreditation of higher education, is a regulated and complex process involving state and federal government legislation in cooperation with educational institutions. You can do further research on this through the Council for Higher Education Accreditation here:  Despite its potential benefit, both history and the present have shown us the shortcomings of this system.

The idea of institutionalizing spiritual and energy healing may actually be detrimental to the very core of universal healing principles.  The need for certifications as milestones and recognition for accomplishments is understandable and beneficial as a bridge to bring ancestral wisdom to the modern Western mindset.  At the same time, it is critical to understand that the real depth of healing and spirituality lies in the individual’s ability to connect to a higher consciousness without the rules and regulations that would sever that very connection.

As a practitioner, be mindful of your local laws and keep in mind that most forms of energy healing and spiritual based healing arts cannot claim to diagnose, treat, or cure any medical conditions.

For the aspiring student of healing or the practitioner seeking to expand their scope of understanding, be discerning of those with fancy acronym titles or claims of accreditation since they do not have official meaning but tend to be a matter of marketing and instead focus on how you connect at a heart level with each program or teacher.

Ultimately, we are all together in the same journey, all with the purpose of healing.  Best wishes!


  • Q: Is your Crystal Healer certification recognized by my state?
    1. Crystal and Energy Healing are quickly gaining recognition among medical and healing arts professionals and yet these practices are not government regulated.  The purpose of state recognition is to allow a healing practice to plug into the conventional healthcare system and currently, only professionals with regulated practices that require licensure (nurses, chiropractors, acupuncturists, etc) can plug into the healthcare system.  If you are a licensed healthcare practitioner, we can offer guidance for insurance billing.  To learn about this, click here.
  • Q: Is your school accredited?
    1. There is no universally recognized accreditation agency for Crystal Healing.  There are organizations that claim to accredit and we have chosen not to submit to any of these organizations for various ethical reasons.  We do however, uphold our own high standards of practice and quality education as well as focus on preserving the heart of healing traditions.
  • Q: Will I be able to use the title of CCH after my name?
    1. Yes!  Receiving your Crystal Healer certification is an important accomplishment and you may use the CCH (Certified Crystal Healer) title if you choose.
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