Crystal Healing GridAs Healers, we operate within a sphere of heart centeredness, trust, and compassion and yet, it is important to have a discerning eye and a solid foundation of facts when looking for schools, mentors, and learning programs.

Groups such as the American Medical Association, accounts of corruption notwithstanding, serve the purpose of keeping the practice of medicine in the Unites States at a high standard.  Without getting into the controversial subject of whether they are accomplishing that goal, the spirit of this and other organizations is a positive one.  It is important that our medical doctors be held accountable to a certain level of ethics, knowledge, and skill.

In the world of energy healing and spirituality, there is no such unified governing organization that accredits schools or sets binding standards of education and practice.  This is natural due to the ethereal, non-physical, and extremely intimate nature of the practice.  We may find individual organizations that claim accreditation or any other form of recognition or standardization and their intentions may be positive but the reality remains that nature of healing and spirituality is one that simply cannot be contained by rules and institutions… Read More>>