It is important to maintain your Crystals cleansed.  You can use any of the following methods:

  1. Put your Crystals with a large Kyanite.  Kyanite repels negativity.
  2. Put your Crystals in coarse sea salt overnight.  This may be a little harsh for some Crystals, but in general is very effective.
  3. Smudge your Crystals with incense or sage to purify them.
  4. Use Sound Healing directing your voice or the sound of an instrument to the Crystals.  You can also use Mantras.
  5. Bathe them in the ocean or in salt and water.  Just be aware that some Crystals may dissolve in water, such as Selenite or Halite.  Also, some Crystals may “try to escape” into the ocean.  Be aware.
  6. Bury the Crystals in earth for twenty four hours.  This will also charge them.
  7. Use your intention to cleanse them, sending light to them from your Brow Chakra, just visualize it.  Also you can blow on them with the intention of sending cleansing prana.
  8. Put your Crystals around or on top of a large Crystal cluster.  This will also charge them.
  9. Put your Crystals in a Bowl of flowers or brown rice for twenty four hours.

If you are giving Crystal Healing sessions, it is recommended to cleanse your Crystals after each session and in depth at least once monthly.  One of the most powerful and fun ways to do an in depth cleansing is to create a Crystal Grid and meditate with singing bowls to bring Sound Healing with the intention to cleanse them.

Love and Blessings.  Victoria