Lesson 4 ~ Healing Crystals and Devas


All naturally occurring crystals have the potential to heal.

A Crystal is, essentially, a piece of solid material having a molecular structure that is arranged in an ordered pattern, extending in all three spatial dimensions. This piece of material can range from an expensive rare gemstone at a jeweler to a simple pebble or grain of sand at the beach.
Crystals have a remarkable range of variation in their structure, appearance, and properties. Some take thousands of years to form whereas others may only take minutes. Some crystals require extreme conditions such as intense heat and pressure and/or delicate chemical balances, whereas others may form readily in many environments and diverse conditions.

Many living organisms, including us, use crystals and crystalline structures because of their unique qualities. For example, our bones and teeth incorporate Apatite crystals. The obvious conclusion for the use of crystals within our bones and teeth is that they provide the durability and hardness necessary for us to chew our food and maintain a strong skeleton, but there may also be additional energetic functions that science has yet to explore and understand. Crystalline structures and the specific materials from which they are made often have unique properties (structural, chemical, electrical, thermal, etc) that interact with and contribute to a living system in ways that are not easily identified nor quantified.

When examined in isolation however, science can help us to further understand the nature of these wonderful gifts from Mother Earth.

As such, science has shown us that crystals are generally composed of one or more crystalline lattices formed by united flat faces that meet at specific angles giving rise to specific geometric shapes. In healing, we have come to understand that these specific geometric shapes also have their own unique healing properties. Similarly, the chemical composition and internal structure of a crystal will result in specific colors which also impart unique healing properties.

In some cases we may find crystals with the same shape and/or crystalline lattice structure but with entirely different colors or even crystals of the same color but with radically different shapes and structures. The abundance of variation in size, shape, color, and composition allows for a limitless tool-set within crystal healing.

Commonly, when we think of crystal, we may imagine the typical translucent geometric stone. Yet, it is also important to note that metals, in their natural state, although they may not appear to have the classical geometric shape of a crystal, are composed of a very closely packed atoms forming a crystalline lattice.

Also, fossilization is essentially the mineral crystallization of an organic material, thus fossilized plants and animals are also crystals. The exceptions to this inclusion within the Crystal Healing world are Amber and glass. Despite being “fossilized” plant matter, Amber has not become “mineralized” nor does it contain an orderly, crystalline internal structure. Instead, Amber maintains its organic (carbon based) nature and its internal structure is entirely amorphous.

Similarly, glasses such as obsidian are also amorphous solids that do not have an orderly internal atomic structure.

In this course, the word “Crystal” encompasses all of the crystalline tools used within the craft, including rocks, gems, fossilized resin and shells, glass and metals.


Crystal Healing is not a Science, but rather a very personal exercise in connecting with the Earth and with nature. It is a partnership between the practitioner, the Crystals, and the Devas (Nature Spirits), to help the client reconnect with her own innate ability to heal.

Crystal Healers learn to work with crystals and channel energy into and through them in order to activate the different healing layouts. The practitioner can also be attuned to the essence of one or more

Healing Crystals in order to access the healing benefits of that stone even without physically having it. Throughout this process, the Nature Spirits (Devas) associate with the crystals are available to guide the practitioner and also directly channel healing energy for the client.

When we speak of Healing we are speaking of improving energetic flow, balance, harmony, spiritual connectedness, and wellbeing.
Some of the benefits of working with Crystals includes:

* Enhanced and amplified healing sessions
* Positive effects when worn as jewelry, carried in one’s pocket or placed on the nightstand
* Helping to appreciate and honor the Sacredness of all things whether we believe they are alive or not
* Empowering the body’s natural ability to heal
* Protection and shielding from negative energy
* Enhance meditations


Devas are Nature Spirits. We can connect with the Deva or Spirit of a Crystal in order to receive guidance, becoming partners in our Healing work and greatly improving our ability to facilitate sessions.

The word Deva comes from Sanskrit, meaning “being of brilliant light” or “benevolent supernatural being”. The term is being borrowed from Hinduism and is loosely related but, for the purpose of Crystal Healing, is not tied to any religious meaning and is simply a way to conceptualize the non-physical aspect of the Healing Crystals.

Deva’s are not spirits with thoughts, personalities, and agendas like people, but rather they are conscious energy without shape or form. Much like a crystal simply IS, Devas are spirits focused on simply being, instead of doing, which is more of a human tendency. They contain innate wisdom and knowledge, whereas people acquire wisdom and knowledge over time and experience. Although a Deva may appear as an individual in humanoid form, this is simply our perception forcing something which is beyond our physical senses into something that we can identify.

Devas always focus on one and one field only such as Clear Quartz and contain the wisdom and knowledge of their respective field only. Because of this, they have a deep sea of wisdom regarding each specific Crystal that can help us when working with them. When we work together, we both benefit from that interaction.



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Lesson 4 ~ Healing Crystals and Devas

A Crystal is, essentially, a piece of solid material having a molecular structure that is arranged in an ordered pattern, extending in all three spatial dimensions…

Lesson 4 ~ Healing Crystals and Devas

A Crystal is, essentially, a piece of solid material having a molecular structure that is arranged in an ordered pattern, extending in all three spatial dimensions…

Lesson 4 ~ Healing Crystals and Devas

A Crystal is, essentially, a piece of solid material having a molecular structure that is arranged in an ordered pattern, extending in all three spatial dimensions…

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