Lapis Lazuli properties ~

Crystal: Lapis Lazuli     Cristal: Lapis Lazuli

* Psychic Abilities
* Connecting with your Helping Spirits
* Purification

Properties:  Treasured in Ancient Egypt, Lapis Lazuli is the perfect crystal to create your most effective amulets.

It can help you expanding your psychic abilities, clairvoyancy and intuition.

If you are wanting to connect with your helping spirits of highest love and light, those who can help you unfolding your true inner power, meditate with Lapis Lazuli daily for 30 days with that intention.

Keep Lapis Lazuli on your night stand for a restful sleep.

On a more practical note, it can help you getting organized when you feel life is getting hectic or chaotic.

Chakra:  Brow Chakra/Third Eye


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