Timeless Gifts from Mother Earth IIPreviously, we talked about approaching Crystal Healing through the new paradigm of healing through partnership as a superior alternative to the old paradigm of crystals as tools or substances. We also talked about the amazing opportunity we have now at the beginning of the Lunar New Year to start fresh and build a strong foundation for positive manifestation in the year to come.

With this in mind, we can then approach this as a project with our partners, the Healing Crystals.

As with all life endeavors, it will be important to choose the partners and team members that will be able to provide the greatest benefit to the project experience and outcome. As beautiful and wonderful all of our Healing Crystals are, this will be a time of focus, planning, and introspection to build your personal “Manifestation Dream Team”!

The first step is to understand what you want to manifest. One good way of doing this is looking back at the last year and see how you want to improve.

Remember that manifestation and the Universe operate on positive principles of affirmation so it will be important to focus on what you want rather than what you don’t want. The things that you don’t want simply help us to see what we want more of. For example, if you experienced a lot of stress last year, then that indicates that perhaps a focus on rest and relaxation or free time would be of benefit. What we would not want to do is focus on “less stress”. Being that the universe is positively affirming and so are our minds, focusing on “less stress” would actually bring our awareness to “stress” and therefore manifest more stress.

Ok so now you know what you want, right?

Step two is choosing Healing Crystals that are best suited to helping you achieve that. For example, taking the same example of stress. If you want more peace, tranquility, and relaxation a great partner to help you achieve this would be none other than the master of tranquility, Amethyst!

Digging a little deeper, if your main source of stress is caused by financial trouble, then partnering with a master of wealth and prosperity will be essential right? So then what better Healing Crystal than Pyrite to act as a guide and co-creator of wealth adding to the already wealth abundance Crystal that Amethyst is?

So now that you have chosen your “Manifestation Dream Team”, the final step will be to create a sacred space where these energies can coalesce, incubate and grow. Think of this like creating a think tank of the Earth’s best and wisest experts. You will want to give them the best environment to work in. A great way to do this will be by creating an altar or other space that is protected, peaceful, and aesthetically pleasing.

If you are familiar with Feng Shui and Crystal Gridding, these techniques are alike to supercharging your “Manifestation Dream Team”. I teach about these processes in great detail in my Online Crystal Healer Certification Course.

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