Healing Crystals: Timeless Gifts from Mother EarthWhy is it that we, humans as a whole, have a natural attraction to gems, minerals, and crystals? Throughout history we have associated epic stories and grand legends of power, love, magic, and fate to these mystifyingly beautiful gifts from Mother Earth.

So what is the truth? What hidden secrets and mysterious energies are held within crystals that draw us so intensely?

Like so many things, there is truth to be discovered in all stories, no matter how far fetched they may seem.

Modern Crystal Healing has evolved with our understanding of spirituality and healing energetics. Although we can still learn from ancient traditions to understand the properties of healing crystals, we now understand that there is a greater potential through the nuturing of our connection with Crystals and their healing energies.

The relationship between Healer and Crystal is one of a partnership rather than of user and tool.

By working in partnership with our crystals, we are able to explore a greater depth and range of healing and connection which, in turn, opens the doors to an expanded universe of synergistic healing paradigms including sacred geometry, chakras, devas, Reiki, herbs and so much more!


What if you could learn all you ever wanted to know about Crystals?

Our Crystal Healer Workshops go from healing yourself to becoming
a successful Certified Crystal Healer helping others heal!

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