Easter Weekend... Yoni Eggs!Did you know that Crystals have been used in Asia for sexual healing since early times in history? Authentic crystal yoni eggs and ben wa balls are Crystals carved in an egg or ball shape that can help treat a series of conditions for which doctors would prescribe similar items made of metal – not the same than the healing energy of a beautiful crystal, as you can imagine!

Easter is a perfect time to start working with Yoni Eggs. Why? Read along…

Ishtar (previously known as Inanna) is the Goddess of Love, Beauty, Sex and Fertility. You might be more familiar with her Greek equivalent (Aphrodite), Roman equivalent (Venus) or Hinduism equivalent (Durga).

“The Two Babylons” a pamphlet by Alexander Hislop, explores the idea of Ishtar having evolved into Easter, due to the similarity from a phonetic perspective between both words.

It is said that Ishtar’s symbols included the egg and the bunny representing fertility and sexuality. Whether it is Ishtar or Easter (or both) that you celebrate, this is a time of celebrating new life, whether resurrection or fertility.

With that in mind, what better time to gift yourself or another an authentic Crystal Yoni Egg? Learn how Yoni Eggs made of healing crystals can help you healing sexuality and more!



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